2056 Trophy Mug - Darko Velazquez

Trophy Mug

Darko Velazquez


I‘ve always been curious of how a coffee mug became a token for appreciation, a memory, a gift or a souvenir. »Best Mom«, »Best Dad«, »Best Boss« along with other multiple statements for recognition, usually printed on coffee mugs or t-shirts are since years the option to go as standard gifts.

Depending on the level of attachment to these objects or the person who gifted them, they will be used as what they are (a container for beverages) or they will become decorative objects, even collectables, or they will stay on an office desk, holding pens and pencils.

In a similar way, trophies are given as a symbol of recognition for doing something great, for being the best at something, or participating at a certain event or competition. In their most traditional form, they also resemble a cup or a vessel. Since the Greeks, these were given to the victorious athletes or warriors. These trophies will also end up as decorative objects on a shelf, as part of a collection, or they’ll be filled with drinks or sweets as part of celebration. Trophy Mug is meant to be given to anyone in Zella-Mehlis who achieved something great and didn’t get recognized as such.

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